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Dual Motor/Dual Battery

Equipped with dual robust 500w motor, the upgraded FAT-AWD 2.0 is meticulously crafted to conquer diverse terrains and weather challenges with ease, boasting the remarkable capability to accommodate extra loads. This cutting-edge electric bike has garnered immense favor among hunting aficionados for its exceptional power, enabling them to effortlessly haul or transport game back to their vehicles, irrespective of the ruggedness of the terrain or the harshness of the weather.

RST Front Fork

By absorbing numerous jarring bumps and shocks along rugged routes, the RST fork aids in conserving your energy, allowing you to concentrate on riding more efficiently and swiftly.

LG Battery Cells/48v 15Ah

By integrating LG imported battery cells, the FAT-AWD 2.0 gains reliability, performance, safety, durability, and benefits from LG's esteemed reputation in battery technology.

Puncture-resistant Tires

Puncture-resistant tires on FAT-AWD 2.0 offer a robust shield against disruptions, ensuring smoother rides on various terrains. With their durable armor, riders can confidently conquer rough paths without fearing flats, saving both money and hassle while enjoying uninterrupted adventures.

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