Phat-ego strives to lead the USA custom-built, high-performance electric bikes market, producing handcrafted high-quality electric bikes and accessories at competitive prices.

Based in Oregon, United States, Phat-ego is the name of excellence and reliability in the electric cruiser industry that makes riding a comfortable, durable and fun experience. Our customized electric bikes, assembled with the highest quality parts, thoroughly inspected and well-tested in our facility, are the symbol of strength, durability, power, function, and style.

How We Formed?

Tony Caranica decided to form this venture to create a real and everlasting bike riding experience. Having a profound knowledge and interest in transportation and mobility, he realized that electric bikes are tremendously special in the U.S. market. It brings an opportunity for the non-cyclist, an individual who usually would not think of riding a bike due to age, distance, hills, fitness levels or the simple inconvenience to reach at work sweaty. The electric bikes produced at Phat-ego negate all these stumbling blocks and motivate the non-cyclists to kick off the saddle. Phat-ego doesn’t only produce electric bikes but also makes riding fun.

Our Mission

Design and upgrade innovative and user-friendly mobility products to take riding at a whole new level.

Our Vision

Inspire the next generation to transform the way they ride and lead the mobility market by producing premium-quality, budget-friendly, custom-built mobility products, and accessories.

Our Differentiation

Our electric bikes are a blend of leisure and luxury and feature a classical European design, with a high-quality aluminum alloy frame. Our technical team produces the most technologically-sound and safest e-bikes and accessories in the market. All the parts and accessories are carefully inspected and rigorously tested by expert engineers before these are put into a bike to ensure 100% quality and safety.

 The custom-built bikes are available at customization to any extent while our free shipping is open to 48 states across the U.S. Get lifetime frame warranty and 1-year warranty, on all electronics along!

Explore our site to choose the best model for you! Choose from a diverse range of Attitude, Bravado, Boss, Hero, Spirit, and Swagger.